BLUM Movento Runner Systems

Blum MOVENTO is a new runner system designed to meet high standards in the kitchen and impresses with its high stability and carrying capacity. Drawers will open with minimal opening force – from the very first millimeter. The integrated BLUMOTION closes silently and effortlessly – perfectly tuned to the nominal lengths and load bearing classes.

Movento Advantages at a glance
  • Drawer profile synchronized with roller carriage
  • Uniform motion without transitions
  • Highest runner smoothness and quality

New adjustment dimensions: 4-dimensional adjustment With MOVENTO, the front can now be adjusted to the side and in the depth along with the height and tilt. Depth adjustment is optional for furniture with inset fronts. An exact gap design can be achieved quickly, easily and tool-free. In addition, no drawer modification is required.

Movento load bearing classes of 40 kg and 60 kg MOVENTO is available in a 40 kg or 60 kg load bearing class. This opens up numerous possibilities for furniture design such as the use of extra-wide, high and deep pull-outs. This creates lots of storage space that can be filled with heavy items.

Movento Handle-less furniture with SERVO-DRIVE Our electrical opening support system SERVO-DRIVE is also an option for the MOVENTO runner with integrated BLUMOTION. It makes opening fascinatingly simple: A light touch is all that's required. This is especially practical for handle-less furniture.

Movento Side Stabilization Set The MOVENTO runner is characterized by high stability and excellent sag values. This is a real advantage for applications that are close to the floor. The optional side stabilization, which is invisible to the furniture user, is ideal for wide pull-outs with short nominal lengths. No manufacturing changes are required for the cabinet or the drawer. The side stabilization can be combined with the SERVO-DRIVE and TIP-ON opening support systems.

Movento Integrated TIP–ON technology function. The integration of the TIP-ON mechanical opening support system ensures that there is no additional space required at the bottom or the back.

For opening, a light press on the handle-less front; for closing, a light push. A synchronisation option is also available (tool-free installation) for secure triggering even for extra-wide fronts. No additional assembly required for the drawer or cabinet.

About Blum Blum Inc. is an international company that specializes in the production of functional furniture fittings for commercial casework industries. The company's main product groups are cabinet door lift mechanisms, kitchen cabinet European-style hinges and drawer runner systems for furniture - in particular for kitchen furniture. Their products are designed to inspire everyone who uses them. CLIP Top hinges, soft-close BLUMOTION and the SERVO-DRIVE electric opening hinge systems are all innovations by Blum and milestones in the furniture manufacturing industry.
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Blum Movento T51.7601L Runners Locking Device LeftBlum Movento T51.7601L Dispositif de Verrouillage pour Coulisses (à Gauche)
Blum Movento T51.7601R Runners Locking Device RightBlum Movento T51.7601R Dispositif de Verouillage pour Coulisses (à Droite)
Blum Movento 760H2700B Runners with Integrated Blumotion 270mm 40kgBlum Movento 760H2700B Coulisses avec Blumotion Intégré 270mm 40kg
Blum Movento 760H5500B Runners with Integrated Blumotion 550mm 40kgBlum Movento 760H5500B Coulisses avec Blumotion Intégré 550mm 40kg
Blum Movento 760H4500B Runners with Integrated Blumotion 450mm 40kgBlum Movento 760H4500B Coulisses avec Blumotion Intégré 450mm 40kg
Blum Movento 760H3000B Runners with Integrated Blumotion 300mm 40kgBlum Movento 760H3000B Coulisses avec Blumotion Intégré 300mm 40kg
Blum Movento 760H6000B Runners with Integrated Blumotion 600mm 40kgBlum Movento 760H6000B Coulisses avec Blumotion Intégré 600mm 40kg
Blum Movento 760H5000B Runners with Integrated Blumotion 500mm 40kgBlum Movento 760H5000B Coulisses avec Blumotion Intégré 500mm 40kg
Blum Movento 760H3500B Runners with Integrated Blumotion 350mm 40kgBlum Movento 760H3500B Coulisses avec Blumotion Intégré 350mm 40kg
Blum Movento 760H4000B Runners with Integrated Blumotion 400mm 40kgBlum Movento 760H4000B Coulisses avec Blumotion Intégré 400mm 40kg
Blum Movento 760H2500B Runners with Integrated Blumotion 250mm 40kgBlum Movento 760H2500B Coulisses avec Blumotion Intégré 250mm 40kg
Blum 760H5500T Movento Tip-On Runners Full Extension 550mm (22") 40kgBlum 760H5500T Coulisses Movento avec TIP-ON (Complétement Extensibles) 550mm (22") 40kg
Blum 760H4500T Movento Tip-On Runners Full Extension 450mm (18") 40kgBlum 760H4500T Coulisses Movento avec TIP-ON (Complétement Extensibles) 450mm (18") 40kg
Blum 760H5000T Movento Tip-On Runners Full Extension 500mm (20") 40kgBlum 760H5000T Coulisses Movento avec TIP-ON (Complétement Extensibles) 500mm (20") 40kg
Blum 298.7600 Depth Adjuster for Movento RunnersBlum 298.7600 Accessoires pour Ajuster la Profondeur des Coulisses Movento
Blum Movento ZS7.400MU Side Stabilization Set for Runners up to 400mmBlum ZS7.400MU Ensemble Stabilisateur de Côtés pour Coulisses de 400mm et moins
Blum Movento ZS7.600MU Side Stabilization Set for Runners up to 600mmBlum ZS7.600MU Ensemble Stabilisateur de Côtés pour Coulisses de 600mm et moins
Blum Movento ZS7.750MU Side Stabilization Set for Runners up to 750mmBlum ZS7.750MU Ensemble Stabilisateur de Côtés pour Coulisses de 750mm et moins
Blum 766H6500B Movento Full Extension Integrated Blumotion Runners 650mm 60kgBlum 766H6500B Coulisses Movento avec Blumotion Intégré (Complétement Extensibles) 650mm 60kg
Blum 766H7500B Movento Full Extension Integrated Blumotion Runners 750mm 60kgBlum 766H7500B Coulisses Movento avec Blumotion Intégré (Complétement Extensibles) 750mm 60kg
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