Blum MERIVOBOX Drawer Box System

Blum MERIVOBOX offers a unique combination of versatility, sleek narrow drawer side design and easy assembly. MERIVOBOX allows you to create a large selection of drawers with only a few components using a simple assembly process. The L-shaped drawer slide is associated with maximum functionality, which makes MERIVOBOX so innovative. Assembly is always the same, adjustment is easy and MERIVOBOX features a distinctive design. MERIVOBOX. Offering variety has never been this simple.

MERIVOBOX Undermount Drawer Slides with BLUMOTION MERIVOBOX Drawer Sides
MERIVOBOX Drawer Sides (34 products)
MERIVOBOX Boxcap and Design Elements MERIVOBOX Front and Rear Fixing Brackets MERIVOBOX Front Pieces
MERIVOBOX Front Pieces (7 products)
MERIVOBOX Gallery Rails
MERIVOBOX Gallery Rails (16 products)
MERIVOBOX Tip-On Blumotion Adapters MERIVOBOX Accessories
MERIVOBOX Accessories (2 products)