Return Policy

Product Returns: Würth McFadden’s will work with customers to accept the return of material for credit under the following conditions:

  1. Returns other than:
    • Shipments of defective or damaged materials
    • Shipments made in error by a Würth McFadden’s Employee(s)

Will be subject to a handling/restocking charge according to the following

Returned Goods Authorizations (RGAs) requested within 31 days of purchase….Fee of 20% of returned item(s) price

Würth McFadden’s will not accept for return any materials that were purchased greater than 31 days from the date of request for return.

  1. All returned products must:
    • Be received by Würth McFadden’s in good resalable condition.
    • Have been purchased from Würth McFadden’s.
    • Be in the manufacturer’s original packaging and in resalable condition.
    • Be a current Würth McFadden’s stock item and not have been:
      • A "special order and/or non-stock" item** — "special orders" may not be returned.
      • Discontinued by the manufacturer either before or after sale to the customer.
    • Pass inspection upon receipt by Würth McFadden’s.
    • Not be "cut-to-length" or otherwise modified to customer specification.
    • Not be a clearance item.
    • Not be a perishable item. Return of perishable items will be subject to review based upon the product's origin and shelf life.
    • Not be a “shop/mill run/calibration” grade board product.

** Special orders and non-stocks are materials that Würth McFadden’s regularly carry in inventory. These items are ordered for the customer by Würth McFadden’s from the manufacturer upon a specific request from the customer. Würth McFadden’s manufacturers generally do not allow Würth McFadden’s to return these items to the manufacturer.


  1. Only current stock items of reasonable quantity will be considered for return and credit.
  2. Shortages and Claims:
    • Any concealed damage, defective material or shortages must be reported with 48 hours of receipt.
    • Freight damages or shortages must be reported to the carrier upon receipt of product. All packaging materials must be saved as it may be a requirement of the carrier for processing a claim.
  3. Customers must receive a Returned Goods Authorization from Würth McFadden’s prior to returning products(s) for credit.

Upon contacting Würth McFadden’s, we will provide customers with a RGA number. All product returns must have an RGA number included with the return in order for the customer to receive credit.

  1. Würth McFadden’s provides customers with United Parcel Service’s (UPS) “Authorization Return Services” (ARS) shipping labels.

ARS labels are routinely included in Würth McFadden’s shipments that require box packaging and are also available by contacting an outside and or inside sales person. Return items with ARS labels that are given to UPS will be delivered to a McFadden’s location.

In areas that Würth McFadden’s delivery vehicles operate, customers can have products returned without charge by giving return packages to the Würth McFadden’s delivery truck driver (after an RGA number is created).

If a product is returned as a result of customer error and an ARS label is used, the customer will be charged a $ 9.50 ARS fee. Products returned as a result of damage, defect or McFadden’s employee error will not be charged the ARS fee.

This return policy is effective November 1, 2023 and is subject to change upon written notice.