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McFaddens Preferred
McFaddens Preferred

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Black 5X12 HPL Laminate Sheet 0.028" Thick Greenlam 401-30-4007-60
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Perfect-It Foam Compounding Pad 8" 3M 05737
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#7x1-1/4" Round Washer Head Tapping Screws with T17 Point, Plain 6000/Pack - Wood-Maxx
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Polyfoam Roll 3/32" x 30" x 750'
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5mm Carbide Tipped Brad Point Drill Bit RH Dimar BKP-5-57RS
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Transparent White Adhesive - SK-0271
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Crystal Clear Adhesive SK-0000
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Double Edge Trimmer/Laminate End Trimmer Set Dimar TRIM-SET
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Pearl Grey Adhesive  - SK-3014
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#2 x 6" Square Drive Bit, Magnetic
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Tyvek Coverall - Large
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5mm White Shelf Support with Metal Pin 100/Box 340040.WHT.100
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18mm C/2 Grade Rotary Cut Birch 48" x 96" Veneer Core Plywood Panel
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Trizact Hookit Finishing Foam Disc P5000 Grit 6" Dia 3M 30662
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Veneer Technologies Inc 7/8" x 1.5mm White Oak Wood Edgebanding, 328' Roll
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Constant America Inc Manogel 4 L Hand Sanitizer - MANOGEL-4X4
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12mm Marine Grade Rotary Cut Meranti 48" x 96" Veneer Core Plywood Panel
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10" Carbide Cut-Off Saw Blade 80 Teeth 5/8" Arbor Dimar 10-80-ATB
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Nitmoi Labs Inc NL-SAN 1 L Hand Sanitizer - NL-SAN 1L SPRAY
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Hold-Tite Fasteners Ltd Flat 6" x 5/8" screw Box of 15000 - SWDFQD65803
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120mm Carbide Split Scoring Saw Blade 2X12 Teeth 20mm Arbor Dimar 120-2-20SCOR
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Cutlery Tray Insert 805-880mm Wide Silver Dekkor A01.050880.SIL
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P95 Respirator Particulate Pre-Filter 6/Pack 3M 5P71
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Nevamar Alabaster WF432 Laminate Sheet, 30" x 96"
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Dimar BKP-8-57RS Drill Bit - Carbide Tipped - 2 Cutting Edges - 1 Flute Body - 8mm x 57.5 - Right Rotation
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Canada Plastics & Belting Inc 1/4" Thick Clear Acrylic Sheet, 48" x 96"
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5/8" MDF Plum Creek 49" x 97" Panel
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Frosty White 4X10 Cabinet Liner 0.020" Thick Greenlam FROSTWHTLNER40S
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Gator-Ply Back Wood-Fiber Veneer Backer .026" X 61" X 97" 3A Composites GATORPLY BLACK .026 61X97
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Veneer Technologies Inc 15/16" White Oak Autowood Wood Edgebanding, 500' Roll
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Gator-Ply Back Wood-Fiber Veneer Backer .026" X 61" X 145" 3A Composites GATORPLY BLACK .026 61X145
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PRO Frosty White Laminate Gloss with Peel Coat .028 49x97
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Half Facepiece Paint Spray Respirator Size Medium 3M R6111
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