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McFaddens Preferred
McFaddens Preferred

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19mm Grade C/2 Birch Prefinished 2 side Rotary Cut 48" x 96" Premcore Veneer Core Plywood Panel
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5MM Clear Metal Pin Shelf Support  1000/Box  MB8001LC15A
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13/16 Maple Pre-glued Pre-finished 250ft
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5/8" Locking Shelf Support with 5mm Pin White 1000/Box NP-504-02
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PRO Black Laminate Matte Finish 0.71mm 49x97
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M.L. Campell SAF09001 Accordion Filters 36" x 30'
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2 Finger Toe Kick Clip with Spline Screw Mount Black Hardware Concepts 5897-000
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Round Self-Adhesive Rubber Bumper Stops Clear .085" X .335" 242/Box Bumper Specialties BS-02S
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19mm Grade BW/2W Prefinished 2 Sides Rotary Cut Birch 48" x 96" Veneer Core Plywood Panel
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Heavy Duty Shipping/Furniture Pad 72" X 80" Blue Wurth WWFP9
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Famowood Latex Wood Filler Natural 144 g Eclectic Products 42042126
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18MM High Gloss 1-Side Matte 1-Side PET-PVC Board White 4x9
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Tack Cloth
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Gator-Ply Brown Wood-Fiber Veneer Backer .020" X 49" X 97" 3A Composites GATORPLY BROWN .020 49X97
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Closet Rod - 15mm x 30mm x 1mm x 8ft - Oval - Chrome
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Designer White 4X8 HPL Lamimate Sheet 0.028" Thick Greenlam 111-30-4007-32
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Famowood Latex Wood Filler Walnut 144 g Eclectic Products 42042142
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PVC Edgebanding White-High Gloss 7/8" X 1mm 394' Roll Megaplus Group EBGS-068W
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Phenolic Backer 4' x 8' x .020" Thick Greenlam  497-50-1006
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3/8" Econokore X-Grain EK38FBX 96" x 48" Flexible Panel
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1/4" MDF Medite Premium 49" x 97" Panel
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Recycled Colour Rags (Not for Staining)
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Gatorshield Protective Floor Covering Roll - 38in X 100 Feet
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Famowood Latex Wood Filler Fir/Maple 576 g Eclectic Products 42022118
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Famowood Latex Wood Filler Oak 144 g Eclectic Products 42042128
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Frosty White 4X8 HPL Laminate Sheet 0.028" Thick Greenlam 113-30-4007-32
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#8 x 1-1/4" Round Washer, Lo-Root, Type 17 Robertson® #2, 1000
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13/16 Walnut Allwood 250ft
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Single Faced Corrugated Cardboard Roll - 48 in X 250 ft
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