Blum LEGRABOX Drawer System

If you are looking for sleek, innovative and modern style for your drawers, check out the new LEGRABOX Drawer System by Blum. This drawer system offers all components needed to build drawers for your kitchen or bathroom cabinets that last a lifetime. The new technology cabinet profiles ensure smooth running action even for wide and heavy duty (up to 155 lbs.) cabinets. The drawer construction system comes equipped with multiple options for motion preferences such as BLUMOTION that is smooth and silent close every time, the TIP-ON opening support system that lets you touch the drawer front to open and also a combination of both worlds with BLUMOTION TIP-ON. Add the stylish and practical AMBIA-LINE Drawer Organization System or an interior roll-out option and you end up with a cleanly designed drawer while maximizing the space and providing great drawer organization. The new drawer construction system comes in various sizes ranging from 11 inches to 24 inches and is available in gray and stainless steel finishes.

LEGRABOX Drawer Sides
LEGRABOX Drawer Sides (103 products)
LEGRABOX Drawer Slides
LEGRABOX Drawer Slides (13 products)
LEGRABOX Fixing Brackets
LEGRABOX Fixing Brackets (37 products)
LEGRABOX Front Piece
LEGRABOX Front Piece (11 products)
LEGRABOX Design Element LEGRABOX Cross Gallery Rails LEGRABOX TIP-ON BLUMOTION SPACE Step Plinth Solution LEGRABOX AMBIA-LINE Accessories LEGRABOX Space Tower
LEGRABOX Space Tower (3 products)
LEGRABOX Lateral Stabilizer Sets LEGRABOX Cover Caps
LEGRABOX Cover Caps (5 products)
LEGRABOX Sink Drawer
LEGRABOX Sink Drawer (1 products)

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