Abrasives and Finish Room Supplies
McFaddens carries all the supplies you need for sanding, painting and staining. Whether you are a professional or a DIY'er, you are sure to find the products you need to complete any task with ease.
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3" X 4" Foam Abrasive Variety Pack, No Hole, Hook/Loop SurfPrep SPVPFOAM3X4
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6" Paper Abrasive Disc No Hole 80 Grit PSA 100/Box SurfPrep SP6PSALPB080
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3" x 4" Foam Vacuum Variety Pack SurfPrep SPVPFOAM3X4.4
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1" Standard 100 Grit Sanding Block 1" x 2-3/4" x 3-3/4" Brown SurfPrep BG100
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6" Film Abrasive Disc 6 Hole 220 Grit Hook & Loop 100/Box SurfPrep SP6HLF220.6
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SurfPrep SP6HLLPB80 Hook & Loop Latex Paper Backed Sanding Disc - 6-Inch - 80 Grit - 100/Box
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5" Sander Foam Discs 1/2" Medium (120-150) Grit 8 Hole SurfPrep SPDF5HR060.8
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R.A.D. Yellow Foam Hand Pads Super Fine 20/Box SurfPrep SPFP-SF-20
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3" X 4" Non Woven Abrasives Pad  Silicon Carbide No Hole 25/Box SurfPrep SPGFP3X4
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3" x 4" Non Woven Sanding Pads Maroon 25/Box SurfPrep SPMFP3X4
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3" Abrasives Variety Pack for Any Sander SurfPrep SPVP3
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