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Helmitin 0890 Wood Glue 20kg
0890 20KG ... MORE
Model: ADHC0890....20L
Manufacturer: Helmitin
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Price: $122.24 

Helmitin 0890 Wood Glue 20kg
A post-formable vinyl acetate adhesive designed for immediate bonding of HPL to particleboard, plywood, MDF and wood. Product can be roll coated or sprayed and processed by hot bonding, hot laminating, hot pressing, dead stacking and pinch rolling and stacking.


  • No need to change hot melt for different substrates
  • High strength
  • Thin glue line for better appearance, high mileage
  • Exceptional heat resistance
  • Low viscosity, for extrusion type application systems

Base: Thermoplastic Resins
Form: Pellets
Colour: Light amber (translucent)
Application Temperature: 175 - 200°C
Melt Viscosity: 175°C - Approximately 67,500 cP
                        200°C - Approximately 35,000 cP
Softening Point (ASTM E-28): 135oC
Specific Gravity: Approximately 0.99
Line Speed: 8 - 16 meters / minute
Clean-up: HELMITHERM 499 Hot Melt Cleaner
Shelf Life : 1 year