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SCM Sandya 300 Automatic Wide Belt Sander
Compact machine with superior technical features, Sandya 300 is the perfect solution for small woodworking companies who would like to satisfy all solid wood calibrating, sanding and the sanding of veneered panels. ... MORE
Model: SCM.SANDYA.300
Manufacturer: SCMI
Price: $32,989.00 

SCM Sandya 300 Automatic Wide Belt Sander
SCM Sandya 300 Automatic Wide Belt Sander Brochure (PDF)

SCM Canada - Automatic wide belt sanders:
Ideal for the craftsmen and the small woodworking companies. Solid wood calibrating and sanding and veneered panel sanding operations (also with honey-comb support), and also for any other sanding requirements.
The availability of the electronic secitonal pad on the model with 1.100 mm working width also provides the sanding operations also on honey-comb veneered panels. It is available with 950 and 1100 working widths and can accommodate 1 or 2 operating groups in order to ensure a high degree of fl exibility

Sandya 300 Advantages “Mesar” sectional pad: the best finish with any material. Higher quality results due to the special shape of the sectors that allows the operator to intervene “softly” but also in an “aggressive” way, simply by varying the working pressure. The setting of the pad position and the possibility of using foils of different thickness increases its versality.

“Logic SC” electronic programmer: easiliy avoid mistakes. Simple and intuitive, allowing the operator to set all processing parameters in sequence and then launch them with the touch of a button. The possibility to store various work programs to retrieve the machine settings most commonly used makes it ideal even for unskilled operators.

Diamond-shaped belt: no slipping of the work pieces. The special geometry of the diamond-shaped profile of the transport belt provides the best traction surface for the work piece and with the increased support area also ensures maximum stability.

SCM Canada Sandya 300 automatic wide belt sanders:
Led indicator for panel intoduction. Simple and intuitive, communicating to the operator where and when the panel has to be introduced into the machine and optimising the standard wear of the sanding belt; this ensures a better quality finish and reduced machine costs.

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