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SCM Minimax ME20 Automatic Edge Bander with Glue Pot
The ME 20 automatic edge bander machine has an automatic loader for edge rolls and a pneumatic guillotine unit which guarantees a clean, precision cut on the leading and trailing edges of the panel. Rapid setups when changing over from one edge band thickness to another. ... MORE
Model: SCM.ME20
Manufacturer: SCMI
In Stock
Price: $13,000.00 

SCM Minimax ME20 Automatic Edge Bander with Glue Pot
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Fast set-up: glue is heated rapidly and evenly by the resistances located in both the glue pot and inside the glue spreader roller. Practical gluing unit. Two rollers press the edge evenly and efficiently onto the panel. The pressing unit position is comfortably adjustable from the machine front side. Always clean, precise cut on the leading and trailing edges of the panel assured by the pneumatic end cutting unit. Edge trimming top finishing with the trimming unit operating at a cutting speed of 12.000 rpm. Total control of all the machine’s functions, quickly and intuitively. With the PLC it is possible to easily and comfortably exclude the shear and the end cutting unit to allow also edge banding with wooden strips of the maximum thickness of 5 mm.

Summary Technical Data:
  • Thickness of rolled edges........................... 0,4 ÷ 2mm
  • Max. thickness of edges in strips................ 5mm
  • Min. ÷ max. panel height........................... 12 ÷ 50
  • Min. panel length/width............................. 180/65mm
  • Panel feed speed...................................... 6 m/min

ME20 Automatic Edgebander with Glue Pot:
  • Aluminium glue pot with five glue heating elements to ensure a uniform glue temperature in the glue pot. Micrometric glue adjustment (with knob) on the spreading roller
  • Self adjustment of glue spreading roller projection, according to the panel and the edge thickness to be glued
  • Top and bottom trimming unit for the trimming of the top and bottom exceeding edge equipped with chromium plated copying pads to improve the panel sliding
  • Numerical readouts for cutters adjustment on the trimming unit (mm/inches)
  • Coil holder plate, 730 mm diameter
  • Panel movement system by means of top powered feeder
  • Panel thickness adjustment by means of handwheel with numerical readout (mm/inches), automatic set up of feeder and trimming units to the selected height
  • Centralized exhaust system, 120 mm diameter
  • Filter system for long chips
  • Anodized aluminium outfeed fence

ME20 Full Technical Details
Working table dimensions: 1950 x 300 mm
Working table height: 904 mm
Min/Max edge thickness: *0.4/2 mm (*0.6 mm minimum worktable PVC edge thickness)
Min/Max working thickness: 10/45 mm
Min. working length/width: 180/65 mm
Motorized feeder speed: 5 m/min.
Trimmers cutting speed: 12,000 rpm
Trimmer/copying devices speed: 9,000 rpm
Carbide tip tools diam: 70 mm Z4-15 deg.
Aspiration outlet diam: 120 mm
Working temperature: 20-200 deg. C.
Feed motor power: 0.18 kw
Trimming motor power: 0.37 kw
Glue pot motor power: 0.18 kw
Total weight: 270 kg

The machine can work 2 mm edges on panels up to 25 mm thickness, For thicker panels, results are granted with maximum thickness 1.5 mm

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