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SCM Group Minimax Industrial Machines

SCM Group Minimax Industrial Machines
SCM Minimax Woodworking Machinery Wurth Portable Edgebanders
SCM Minimax Woodworking Machinery - Minimax edge banders, table saws, band saws, thickness planers and jointer machines available from McFadden's. SCM Minimax, a global leader in woodworking machinery design. Wurth Woodworking Machinery - Portable Edgebanders. Uses a hot glue process for adhering edge banding without a glue backing. This edgebander is an affordable must-have for any cabinet shop.
SawStop Table Saws & Accessories  
SawStop Table Saws & Accessories - SawStop is the only table saw that stops on contact with skin. SawStop minimizes injuries by stopping the blade within 5 milliseconds of contact. SawStop available at McFadden's today
SawStop: How It Works Tragic incidents before buying a SawStop
SawStop is recognized by the industry, as North America’s #1 Saw - Hobbyists, contractors, cabinet makers, DIY’ers, celebrities and educators choose SawStop everyday. It’s the no-compromise SawStop engineering that makes them choose these saws. The safety comes first, and is followed by unmatched quality, precision and meticulous engineering. SawStop saws are built to last, built to cut, and built to protect.

When SawStop appeared on the market in 2005, the saws took the industry by storm. We addressed a problem that seemed unsolvable, and that most had accepted as the norm. Media large and small, from Time Magazine to bloggers across the internet lauded this amazing marriage of innovation and quality. SawStop Industrial Saws and Accessories
10 Amputations Everyday - Table saws cause tens of thousands of serious injuries every year. In fact, there is a table saw accident in the United States every 9 minutes, and 10 amputations every single day. The societal cost of these injuries is in the billions of dollars, and the impact on victims cannot be counted.

SawStop minimizes these injuries by stopping the blade within 5 milliseconds of contact. That is ten times faster than a car’s airbag. Ten times faster than your reflexes can respond to danger. SawStop Cabinet Saws
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