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Tresco Lighting

Tresco LED Lighting from McFadden's is the smart choice for long lasting and energy efficient lighting. Whether your needs are task, display, case point of purchase or ambiance lighting, we have you covered!

3W Pockit Accessories
Tresco 1W-12V Pockit LED Lighting
1.5 W Pockit Plus Accessories
Tresco 1.5W-12V Pockit Plus Lighting
3W Power Pocket Accessories
Tresco 3W-12V Power Pockit LED Lighting
Floating Shelves
Tresco 5W-12V Power Pockit LED Lighting
LED Spotlights
Tresco 12V LED Pockit Spot
Tresco 12V Equiline Puck Lighting
Tresco 12V Equiline LED Puck Lighting
3W Pockit LED Lights
Tresco EquiLine 12 Volt Flexible LED Lighting
Flex Tape LED accessories
Tresco FlexTape 12V LED Lighting
Flex Tape LED lighting
Tresco Infinex Linear LED Lighting
Fineline LED Lights
Tresco Fineline 12V LED Linear Lighting
SimpLED Accessories
Tresco SimpLED 12V Linear LED Lighting
Tresco 12V LED Components
Tresco 12V LED Controllers
Tresco 12V LED Controllers