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Cabinet Grade Plywood

McFadden's offers the highest quality standards providing Hardwood Veneer Panels for architectural mill-work, commercial fixtures, and kitchen cabinet manufacturers. Veneer core, or particle core are most common but MDF core and other combination core products are available.

Birch Particle Core
Maple Flat Cut Panels
Maple Rotary Cut Particle Core
Maple Rotary Cut Particle Core
Poplar Panels
Poplar Panels
Maple Particle Core (rotary cut)
Maple Rotary Cut Veneer Core
Flat Cut Cherry Cabinet Grade Plywood
Cherry Flat Cut Panels
Flat Cut Walnut Cabinet Grade Plywood
Walnut Flat Cut Panels
Red Oak Flat Cut Particle Core
Red Oak Flat Cut Particle Core
Flat Cut Oak Cabinet Grade Plywood
Red Oak Flat Cut Veneer Core
Rotary Cut Maple Cabinet Grade Plywood
White Oak Panels
Birch Plywood
Birch Rotary Cut Panels
Mahogany Rotary Cut Panels
Mahogany Panels
Red Alder Pannels
Red Alder Panels
Bamboo Panels
Bamboo Panels